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  • Peace Corps Sterling Silver Flying Dove Earrings 
    Item #: QPAM060
    Sterling silver earrings custom made exclusively for the NPCA store. See alternate view for approximate size.
    • $53.99
  • Peace Corps Sterling Silver Pendant 
    Item #: QPAM061
    Sterling silver Peace Corps medallion, designed exclusively for the NPCA shop. The entire medallion is bright white silver; there is no antiquing or enameling. Approximately the size of a nickel. Does not include a chain.
    • $51.99
  • Peace Corps Wrapping Paper
    Item #: QPAM57
    5 sheets per pack:
    Sheet size: 20" x 28"
    Folded to 10"x14"

    Get a FREE pack during the holidays with orders of $50 or more!

    • $4.99